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up to 16yr old

Choose below or request your own program!

DAY activities
Get moving and get creative.
Morning is spent in Ngunguru on skates learning basic to advanced drills, synchronised skating, followed by games on skates. The afternoon is spent in ourTutukaka studio, reahersing and recording music. Group of 4 to 6.
6 hour (10 to 4pm) - $55p/p

HALF DAY activities
An exciting and rewarding activity package for the school holidays:
Prepare, rehearse and record a known song and add your individual talent to it.
Children rehearse together and take turn to record. It may take
several takes to get it right and it's all part of the fun! The song can be mixed based on 1 or several voices, harmonising and doing backing vocals. The children may help mixing the sound if they wish. The completed work is emailed within 24 hours.

4 participants - 4 hour (1 to 5pm) - $35p/p each week
2 participants - 2 hour (2 to 4pm) - $55p/p each week

Parents welcome to sit in or leave the children with us. We are located at 2min drive from sandy Whangaumu Bay, so it's easy for parents and children not involved in the session to have fun at the beach and come back to the studio later.


OTHER activities

Gift voucher available
Discount applies for groups)
Birthday present idea: 1hr recording and mixing session (Choose your favourite song or music piece). Multiple recording takes
throughout the hour session will allow your child to maximise getting it right for the final take.
(90min session including mixing and formating)

2 adults - 2 children or 1 adult - 3 children
Choose 1 song you all agree on and bring your individual talents to the performance. Each of you, depending on abilities and confidence can be the lead singer and backing vocalist. Put your personal touch, sing it, scream it or talk it, whatever works for you. We will mix 2-4 individual tracks for you to take home.
2 hours - 3-4 participants (2 to 4pm) -

Listening to your voice or your instrument is a great tool to improve your singing and playing ability. Record 1hr on a regular basis and improve weekly until your work is perfected and completed.
$30 for 1 participant
$45 for 2participants
$60 for 3 participants

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